Muss ich sehen: Robert Altmanns „IMAGES“ von 1972

EIname Hausfrau bekommt myteriöse Anrufe
Einsame Hausfrau (Susannah York) nimmt mysteriöse Anrufe entgegen

(Erwähnt in Amy Simons Zusammenstellung von Filmen, die David Lynch zu „Lost Highway“ inspiriert haben | „Lost Highway 20th anniversary: five films that influenced David Lynch’s nightmarish neo-noir“)

Achso, das ist natürlich „Spiegelbilder„! – den habe ich vor langer langer Zeit einmal im Fernsehen gesehen, spukig!!! Umso mehr: –> Wieder ansehen…

Beautiful, haunting and very, very creepy, ‚Images‘ deserves a place in the pantheon of the utterly un-nerving alongside such greats as ‚The Shining‘, ‚The Innocents‘ and ‚Don’t Look Now‘. Featuring a startling, award winning (Cannes ’72) performance by Susannah York, luminous photography by Vilmos Zsigmond and an atypically atonal score from John Williams, Altman’s long neglected work truly requires a resurgence.
York plays Cathryn, a children’s author embroiled in her latest opus. When a series of enigmatic phone calls alluding to her husband’s infidelity shakes her reverie, Cathryn finds herself beset by unwelcome spectres from her past. As the barriers between the internal and the external crumble, the solution she implements to lay her ghosts to rest may prove more lethal than she could possibly conceive…“ (Text von Filmbar 70 / youtube)